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One of the most famous and successful female rally drivers is Michelle mouton who opened the retro race at international historic motorsports at a park near Coventry on 24th march 2007. She made a visit to Britain and was reunited in 1985 pikes peak hill climb and won an Audi sport Quattro. She is a 55 year old French lady who is the only women to win the world rally championship, driving the Audi and her record time is 11 minutes 25.39 seconds in Colorado .the world rally which was held in Colorado was a 12.4 mile that featured around 150 corners and the height of 5000 ft to be climbed in elevation.

Pikes Peak MotorsportsMichelle mouton

Michelle mouton said that she was very pleased to win the race for herself and it was a victory which no other women could score and she was also very proud on winning the Audi which was the first time ever that a European manufacturers car rally had won , she felt really nice to beat the Americans in their country .

The 1985 Pikes Peak Motorsports was restored after a span of 22 years near 500 bhp Audi sport Quattro by following the Volkswagen manual with is same as Quattro. the car is stripped back to a metal body which is bare body shell and was properly built again in a time span of nine weeks .Every part and component of the car was furnished again according to the Audi specification and they also imported the original wheels bbs which are split rim wheels which the car completed in 1985 .the huge factor of appeal is that the car is in its authenticity and technical specifications which completed the last group b wrc round in 1986 Olympus rally.

Michelle mouton who opened the metro race said that, she used to drive Audi but there was a problem every time its altitude e. it started at 9500gt above the sea level and they had to make certain adjustments to its gearbox which was electronic and its turbocharger. she also said that the hill climbing was itself not an easy task and it was very fast to narrow down the car with no marks which drops off the side of events like the race to the clouds which again was the toughest challenge in her whole lifetime .she again added that, she faced problems in testing the car because she was not allowed to drive the car from the start which pissed her and her determination. She always wanted to win be it any event, whether it’s tough or easy .

In the year 1981 in Sweden hannu mikkola scored maximum points in Audi’s first world rally championship but later Michele mouton won the Remo rally later in that year and claimed the first world rallychampoionship by Audi .The Quattro by Audi was the first car with a four wheels drive and a turbo charged engine to compete in the world rally.

In 1982 Michele mouton achieved wrc wins in Portugal, Greece where the rally named acropolis was held, also in Brazil where she won the second prize in driver’s wrc rally between 1974 to 1986. Audi also won the manufactures world rally championship in the year 1982 and 1984. Hannu mikola won the title with Audi for 1983 and 1984. Then in 1985 John hanlon purchased the Audi from a private distributor in America .At the current date Audi is leading in creating the best, a technology in diesel sports car with excellent engine and endurance racing. The highest point of the mountain can be reached via Pikes Peak on car, bike and foot. you can take a small trip for about three hours to the peak which will offer its majestic views and a glimpse of the Colorado .You can also have dinner and explore pikes peak with its Manitou springs which is the smallest town ever shown in the magazine .you can also find some amazing cosy historic restaurants and enjoy the sumptuous food there. After that if you are left with some more time then check out the old artist’s galleries called Manitou home.